China’s 10 Most Luxurious Cities

Chinese news portal People’s Daily Online has compiled a list ranking China’s 10 Most Luxurious Cities.

The criteria? Living standards of the city’s elite, “internationalness”, designer shopping, and infrastructure.

Not surprisingly, Shanghai, long known as the “Paris of the East”, has come out on top.

1 – Shanghai

There are not only many luxurious shopping centers, but also many luxurious districts in Shanghai. The luxurious district in Waitan, a famous site in Shanghai, is a global first class site.

2 – Beijing

Although several luxurious brands have opened in Beijing recently, it’s obviously not enough compared to Shanghai.

3 – Hangzhou.

Many brands only provide their services in Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou, and some luxurious brands have chosen Hangzhou as their only outlet in China’s mainland.

4 – Guangzhou.

Because of the geographic relevance, people in Guangzhou are accustomed to go shopping in Hong Kong. As a result, the development of the luxurious market in Guangzhou has been relatively hindered.

5 – Shenzhen

There are also many luxurious brands in Shenzhen, but not many as in Guangzhou. However, Shenzhen is famous for luxurious furniture.

6 – Chengdu

Chengdu is also a fashionable “leader” of western cities just as Chongqing. Many luxurious brands consider these two cities as the most important places in middle-western China.

7 – Chongqing

8 – Qingdao

Qingdao’s luxury market has developed quickly in recent years, leading many high-end car dealerships and luxury brand boutiques to pop up.

9 – Xi’an

10 – Dalian

Source: People’s Daily Online