Vertu unveils Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre collection

Fans of luxury mobile phones will probably be interested in Vertu’s latest collection, called Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre.

This collection is a follow up of the previous Ferrari editions and Racetrack Legends series.

Vertu Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre will reportedly offer a 2 inch QVGA display, 3G, 4GB of internal memory and a 3.15MP camera with LED flash.

Apparently, all phones from the collection have been handcrafted in England, and repeatedly tested to “ensure the optimum amount of fibres and resin and processed together to achieve a flawless uniform look on both the flat and curved parts.”

The new Vertu collection will include the Ascent Ti Carbon Fibre Limited Edition, Carbon Fibre Grip, Carbon Fibre & Aluminium Grip and Carbon Fibre & Copper Grip.

Price is available upon request.