The first Fabergé store opens in Geneva

Jaime Hayon has just completed the interior for the new Faberge Geneva Store.

The opulent retail space mixes the contemporary with the classic while remaining true to the company’s luxury roots.

The elegant boutique enjoys wood-paneled accents and a mostly clean, white design.

It is the first shop to open since 1917 when the Russian Revolution brought an end to the House of Fabergé, the celebrated jewellers who created fantastical Imperial Easter Eggs for Tsar Nicholas II, among others.

The Bolsheviks seized the Fabergé workshops at the time, and the family fled to Germany and then to Switzerland, where the master craftsman died in 1920.

In the years that followed, the family lost the rights to their name and saw it used to build a perfume empire that was later sold to Unilever for $1.55 billion in 1989.

Private equity firm Pallinghurst Resources finally bought the name for an undisclosed sum in 2007, with a view to reuniting the brand with the family and associating it once again with high-end jewellery.

Pieces in the new collection start at a retail price of $30,000 with an average price of $200,000.

The interior of the Fabergé boutique presents an innovative approach to the High Jewellery experience, with its expression of modern luxury through simplicity and sensuality.

The concept and design focuses on superlative craftsmanship, sensually minimal shapes and forms, and exquisite materials, including silk wall drapes, rare woods and Carrara marble.

The materials used give the boutique an organic and dynamic feel balanced by a serenity that comes from the tonality of neutral, silvered metallic shades.

Light and luminosity that flood the boutique form the central theme of Hayon’s interior design.

Simple open spaces are bathed in the reflections of mirrors and in outside light that drifts through the tinted glass of cut-out gem-shaped panels in tall interconnecting doors.