Fann Wong’s S$2.5 million bridal bling

Celebrity couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee unveiled their bridal jewellery collection: Starbliss, Romantique and Love Lace.

Designed by Wong, the three collections sponsored by Celestial by Goldheart are worth an estimated S$2.5million (US$1.8 million).

A highlight of Starbliss is a 60-carat diamond necklace where each diamond is supposed to represent the different milestones of the couple’s courtship.

“With this collaboration, I can be rest assured that I’ll be a sparkling bride on my wedding day!” said Wong.

Besides the S$1.6 million diamond necklace, Starbliss which was inspired by Lee’s “selflessness” and unconditional love for Wong, also consists of pair of diamond drop earrings and a bracelet.

“A few years back, I had fallen very ill and Chris was in a state of panic. Even though he was filming at night, he took time off to rush down by my side and even made special effort to cook fish porridge for me – even though he hardly ever stepped into the kitchen!

“After he fed me spoon by spoon, he stayed with me till I fell asleep before returning to filming. His unconditional love for me made me appreciate and love him even more.” said Wong.

While the necklace is the highlight of the collection, Lee’s favourite is the Romantique collection which consists of a five-piece head dress, 50 assorted bangles and a pair of earrings.

“I particularly like this collection,” said Lee. “If you look at the bangles individually, their designs are very simple but collectively, though there are a lot of them, it does not look overly dramatic, it feels just right.”

When asked if it was heavy to wear all 50 bangles, Wong, who had them on during her Maldives photo shoot, replied, “Perhaps I was too happy so even though it was heavy, I didn’t feel it!”

The designs of the headpiece and bangles, which were made from an assortment of gold – white, yellow, rose and champagne – were inspired by a moving episode in Prague.

“I was filming in Prague for a long period of time several years back and I felt extremely homesick. To my greatest and most heart-warming surprise, Chris flew my parents over to Prague, and even took great care of them while I was busy filming,” said Wong.

“Somehow, the revelation of Chris’ magnitude of love for me ‘opened’ my eyes to the beauty of Prague. The art and design of the Bohemian city suddenly became more romantic, magnificent and inspirational. Perhaps this is what love does to a person’s perception and outlook, and indeed I felt more alive and appreciative of the world around me.”

Wong revealed that she decided to add a headpiece to the collection to go with her evening gown which is “more to the Bollywood and English look”.

“We wanted a Bohemian look and an Indian look so we decided on a headpiece… You will see the connection when you see my gown on the wedding day,” said Wong who has been very secretive about her two evening gowns.

The last collection, Love Lace, a matching cuff and earring set, is representative of Lee’s tireless devotion and love for Wong. The fluid mesh design which resembles lace, is the first of the three collections that Wong designed.

Said the actress, “When I started designing this collection, I was thinking of all the little things Christopher has done for me that remind me of his unceasing love, care and devotion.”

“All these gestures may seem natural between a couple and we tend to take things for granted, but his every little gesture adds up to show the depth of his love for me.”

Lee too has his very own Starbliss collection which consists of a diamond ear stud and ring.

Though they will not be keeping the bridal jewellery, Goldheart will be giving the couple a specially-created Celestial jewellery present for their upcoming nuptials.