Jewelry by London Designer Carri Vacik

London designer Carri Vacik has unveiled a stunning new line of jewelry.

Whether it’s the gorgeous cocktail rings, of breathtakingly colourful gemstones set in lavish gold bezels, or the sparkling and sleek Firebird collection of earrings, this line is a real treat.

The designer’s inspiration is highly eclectic, ranging from Ancient Egypt to Hollywood of the late 1950’s. For this collection, inspiration was drawn from the East and particularly India.

“My mother’s family is from Goa. I have always been fascinated by the extraordinary hues and colours that characterize this enchanting and extraordinary land. I suppose it is my blood.”

Her exclusive one-of-a-kind creations are handmade by artisan Goldsmiths. They are bold, sensuous and elegantly simple at once, allowing the beauty of the top quality materials to shine through.

“My jewellery is for the modern, sophisticated woman, she is a connoisseur, with an understanding of jewellery, recognizes quality and desires distinction. Above all, she is a woman who loves to express her femininity and originality.”

The Gardens of Babylon ring for example, is a majestic piece, of 18 carat gold, amethyst and blue topaz. Other beauties include multicoloured earrings made up of bright checker-cut and bullet-cut gemstones paired with dazzling briolettes.

All pieces are bespoke and made for the individual at the time they are ordered. Prices range from $4,000 – $10,000.