Snow castle opens in Finland

The snow castle, in the northern town of Kemi, Finland, has a hotel, a restaurant and a chapel which are all located inside its thick snow walls.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people visit the attraction and some are even keen to stay in the 48 rooms where temperatures are only -5C regardless of the outdoor temperature, which is normally between -15 and -20C.

But while newlyweds get to snuggle up in the honeymoon ice suite, they have to use sleeping bags suitable for Arctic conditions and don ski hats, socks and thermal undies.

Construction of the 5,000 square metre castle began in December and it opened on January 30. As natural snow is too soft, sea water is pumped through pipes which turn it into a more robust kind of snow.

Roughly 20,000 square metres of snow are needed to build the castle while another 100 square metres of ice are used to build the tables and sculptures. Via Forthone