Bombay Sapphire Bar Bag

Bombay Sapphire BarBag

A proud collaboration between Barking Irons & Bombay Sapphire, the Bar Bag is inspired by classic gentry style of 19th Century London.

This highly-limited item was modeled after antique medical kits from the age of home-visiting doctors.

The Bar Bag simultaneously references the early medicinal remedies attributed to gin as well as the pride and skill that modern cocktail culture commands of its distinguished purveyors.

Bombay Sapphire Bag

It includes the following items: Bar Spoon, Paring Knife, Juicer, Muddler, Japanese Strainer, Ice Pick, Jigger, Traditional Strainer, Shaker & Glass.

The bag itself is made of top quality soft pebbled leather exterior. It has a sapphire waxed-canvas interior and stainless steel hardware.

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