Silverseas Cruises dining

Cruise companies reinvent dining at sea

While cruises once got by with unexciting meal choices served at appointed times, travelers have recently come to expect something more.

Vicky Lau

Hong Kong’s Vicky Lau is Asia’s best female chef

Hong Kong chef Vicky Lau has been named the best female chef in Asia for creating a menu of ‘edible stories’ at her French-Asian restaurant.

foie gras and figs

Foie gras back on menu in California

Californians will be able to legally eat foie gras again after a judge Wednesday overturned a ban on sales of the delicacy.

Chef is decorating appetizer

Restaurant trends in 2015 – even more hi-tech!

In 2015, the dining experience will continue along its high-tech trajectory, this time expanding beyond tablet menus into facial-recognition technology.

Chef Alex Atala

The chefs who helped define the world of dining in 2014

Here’s a selection of chefs that made their mark in 2014!

Gingerbread Abbey

‘Downton Abbey’ inspired gingerbread house

Martha Stewart has created a gingerbread replica of the mansion from Downton Abbey in anticipation of the popular series’s return to television.

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