A look inside the new Shang Xia store in Beijing

Shang Xia store Beijing

Shang Xia, meaning “up” and “down”, recently opened a second store in China, with a boutique in Beijing’s China World Mall.

The Chinese brand, established in 2008, is attempting to build a domestic luxury label in a modern Chinese aesthetic, and has added to its presence in Shanghai with a new store in Beijing.

Shang Xia Beijing store

“The name SHANG XIA embodies the exchange between up and down, east and west, past and future, tradition and innovation, urban and nature,” said the brand.

Shang Xia tea set

Shang Xia was founded in 2008 by Chinese designer Jiang Qiong Er in collaboration with the Hermès Group as an attempt to bring the high level skills of Chinese and other Asian craftsmanship and mix them with contemporary lifestyle.

Shang Xia Lighting

Former French Prime Minister and Shang Xia ambassador Jean-Pierre Raffarin commented, “I love Chinese culture and am inspired by SHANG XIA’s commitment to creating contemporary and usable objects whilst maintaining the beauty and techniques of traditional Chinese artisans”.

Shang Xia Ling Long

The store stocks homewares and accessories that play with a mixture of heritage and innovation and opened to the public on October 8, 2012.

Shang Xia Beijing space