Egg shaped beds by lomme

Lichtenstein design brand Cycle 13 launched this futuristic cocoon-like egg bed called ‘Lomme’ (abbreviation of « Light Over Matter Mind Evolution »). his naturally shaped shell combines state-of-the-art sleep enhancement technologies with a classic organic shape – the egg.

Prior to the development of the LOMME egg-bed, a 2 year study into sleeping habits and therapies for the treatment of sleeping problems has been conducted. This bed is supposed to offer an environment which enhances all the senses – forming a place to rejuvenate, relax, meditate and of course, sleep.

The Lomme has a number of enhancements that encourage lingering, including light and sound therapy for blocking out external distractions and a muscle-relaxing system. You can hook up your iPod to the sound system so you can chill in your egg to your own tunes, and there are storage compartments, too.

Perfect isn’t it? This unique egg shaped creation helped Lomme win the coveted Red Dot Award for Product Design in June. The price is supposedly at around EUR 42′000 ($53,000).

The Liechtenstein based Lomme team (Agnieszka Bernacka, Andreas Batliner and Günther Thöny) are now working on a range of equally bold concepts, which will be launched beginning of the next year.