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Exhibition: ‘The Parallel Cosmos: Hsiao Chin & Fadjar Sidik’ in Taipei, Taiwan

Artists Hsiao Chin and Fadjar Sidik illustrate the cosmos through abstract art in an exhibition at CANS @project

Dec 06, 2017 | By Ilyda Chua

Hsiao Chin, ‘Explosion 3’, 2003

Two artists explore the notion of space and self-awareness in ‘The Parallel Cosmos: Hsiao Chin & Fadjar Sidik’, an exhibition jointly organised by Art Agenda, S.E.A., and CANS @project.

Hailing from vastly different backgrounds, the two artists nevertheless share a visual vocabulary in abstract art and a preoccupation with what lies beyond the observable realities of everyday life. Through the exhibited paintings, their individual encounters with the cosmos and traversals into the metaphysical are revealed.

Guided by the ‘Eastern Spirit’, Shanghai-born artist Hsiao Chin’s artistic career began in Spain in 1956. Borrowing from the dual influences of post-war Western abstract art and his own rich Chinese cultural heritage, the artist’s works are an exposition in infinity reflected in a minimalist style, characterised by regular, geometric forms and a limited colour palette.

Hsiao Chin, ‘Chi 3’, 1987

Meanwhile, Indonesian artist Fadjar Sidik’s foray into abstract art defied the concept of ‘kenyataan (truth)’, one of the most important principles in Indonesian art that is oriented towards art’s ability to reflect accurate lived reality of life and culture. Having experienced firsthand the advent of technology in the Indonesian city of Bali, and its resulting transition from rural to urban, Sidik turned to abstract art as a means to reflect realities higher than the changing physical landscape. In contrast to Hsiao’s precisely geometric style, Sidik’s works are instead intuitive and dynamic.

Fadjar Sidik, ‘Space Dynamics’, 1990

The exhibition will run at CANS Tea House, Taipei, between 1 and 14 December 2017.

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