Italian police crash Lamborghini supercar

Italian police have crashed their most valuable patrol car, a $235,000 Lamborghini.

The front end of the Lamborghini was crushed in the accident, near Cremona, and the driver and a passenger were injured, although not seriously.

Reports say the car swerved to avoid another vehicle which crossed into its path, ploughing into two stationary cars. It was damaged beyond repair.

The Lamborghini car, painted in the Italian police force’s blue and white colours, was one of a pair donated by the Italian manufacturer to the police in 2004.

Both cars include transmitters to send images back to HQ, a defibrillator for accidents and a fridge for transporting donor organs.

The six-speed luxury vehicle with a 500-horsepower engine is designed to go from zero to 100km/h (60mph) in four seconds.

The two officers were returning from a convention in Cremona, where they had addressed a student audience on road safety.



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