Bentley Introduces Executive Interior for Mulsanne


Bentley has announced plans to offer a new executive interior package on the Mulsanne. The package offers two different specifications: Theater and iPad.

The theater option includes a roof-mounted 15.6-inch LED display or two headrest-mounted 8-inch screens. There’s also a trunk-mounted Apple computer that has dual USB ports in the center console.

An iPod touch allows users to control all of the installed technology with their finger tip, by means of a bespoke Bentley app.

Bentley Mulsanne EXECUTIVE INTERIOR theater

The iPad Specification comes with two electrically-deployed veneered picnic tables for rear passengers, colour-matched to the seats of the Mulsanne, and at the press of a button twin iPads with wireless keyboards are revealed.

Both rear passengers can work on documents or files independently, email, browse the internet, make video calls or play music or games.

Bentley Mulsanne iPad Specification

The picnic tables are cleverly designed so that the keyboards can be easily removed and placed on the user’s lap for added comfort.

bentley ipod

Both the Theatre and iPad Specifications of Mulsanne Executive Interior can be specified wîth a range of finishing touches including a Tibaldi fountain pen from its specially commissioned Collection.

bentley Tibaldi fountain pen

If you’re not in the mood for work, there’s a bottle cooler with space for 2 champagne bottles, and a frosted glass door hides three hand blown champagne flutes!

bentley mulsanne executive interior champagne flute

The Bentley Mulsanne Executive Interior will be making its debut appearance during the upcoming 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

bentley mulsanne executive interior