Aston Martin Rapide Luxe

Aston Martin has released a new and exclusive derivative of the Rapide, the new Rapide Luxe model.

The new trim essentially adds more functional features, a greater choice of paint and leather finishes as standard, and special bespoke accessories.

The automotive producer offers top standard colors for the vehicle, with the list including Concours Blue and the Bond-inspired Quantum Silver.

The list of goodies offered for the vehicle includes a special key that combines glass with stainless polished steel, as well as a bespoke six-piece Luggage Set.

The latter comes from the company’s Fast Track and Contemporary range of leather colours, allowing customers to choose a color that matches their vehicle.

The full set includes a small, large and two medium bags, a garment bag and a beauty case.

One of the top features of the interior is represented by a special ventilation system for the front and rear seats.

The vehicle also comes with a Rear Seat Enterntainment (RSE) system that uses two 6.5 inch LCD screens, which are integrated in the front seat headrests.

This entertainment set includes a 6-disc DVD player, auxiliary input, wireless headphones, and a remote control.

There’s no word on price or availability – Via AutoEvolution