A Luxurious Camper

Do you enjoy camping? If you want your family and friends to take pleasure in the great outdoor expeditions, you need to have a look at Action Mobil’s new Globecruiser, based on the MAN TGA 6×6 platform.

Designed for adventure seekers, the Globecruiser model gets its power from a 783ci turbodiesel and can hold plenty of fuel, with two tanks storing 219 gallons, which is great, although that also means that a fillup will run you about $800. Solar panels on the vehicle provide juice for the batteries.

But this military truck-ish looking vehicle has a soft side in its luxurious interiors as you can see from the photos below. Heated air-suspension seats, satellite navigation and the usual knickknack of gadgets find a comfortable place in the Globecruiser.

The Globecruiser itself carries a stocky price tag of $670,000 (€490,000). With this beast in your hands, you can really explore the great outdoors !