RMS Titanic Scale Model is framed for $2,500,000

RMS Titanic Scale Model is one of its kind as till date a authentic scale model of the Titanic had never been built.
However Fine Art Models, the world’s premier scale model makers managed to seek the permission to build a definitive 1:48 scale model of the Titanic as a limited edition (
$2,500,000). At 18 feet, she looks stunning sporting an all brass look.

Weighing 1,500 pounds, the hull is of fiberglass while the deck and its furniture is made from real wood. The telegraph in the Bridge is internally lit and the lighting is so complex that it required the installation of more than 8 miles of fiber optic cable.

Encased in a wooden case with glass on both sides for a crystal clear view, this Titanic model won’t fail to evoke all the memories of this unsinkable luxurious liner.

With Harland & Wolff support, in seven years time, this1:48 scale builder’s model was finally completed in 2002. Since then this miniature yet genuinely replica version of Titanic has toured the United States and abroad via museums and private events.