Lufthansa unveils new first class

Germany’s largest airline, Lufthansa, has lately received its first Airbus A380 jetliner, and they claim its cabin to be the “world’s quietest first class.”

The First-Class bathroom features wide vertical mirrors and a five-star hotel-style vanity area. The bathroom is fitted with separate wash, changing and toilet areas.

“There’s a leather banquette seat in the changing area, for heaven’s sake,” travel website, Jaunted, said in a review.

Lufthansa chose to keep the open plan design for the seating area instead of opting for separate cabins, due to customer feedback.

However, thanks to a flexible privacy screen, First Class guests can determine the degree of individual privacy they desire.”

The cabin includes sound-absorbing curtains which partition off the cabin, sound-insulating material in the aircraft’s outer skin blocks exterior noise while sound-absorbing carpeting block footstep noise.

The A380 has 526 seats in total, 8 First-Class cabins, 98 in business and 420 in economy, and replaces overhead luggage bins with a lockable floor-level cabinet.

First-Class seats are 2.07m long and 80cm wide, while Economy seats have 79cm of leg room.

Lufthansa will use its first A380 on the Frankfurt–Tokyo route from June 11 after taking the German football team to South Africa for the World Cup.

Flyers who wish to enjoy this lush experience will be expected to shell out as much as $12,200 to enjoy these first class luxuries.

Source: Timesonline