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Residency & Citizenship-by-Investment Programs

Nov 23, 2020 / Finance

With over 29 years in the business and 20+ offices worldwide, Harvey Law Group (HLG) currently offers Residency & Citizenship-by-Investment (RCBI) programs to over 20 countries globally.

M&A: Cortina to Acquire Sincere

Nov 17, 2020 / Business of Luxury

In a seismic move, the last of the three Singapore family-owned luxury watch retailers Cortina Holdings will acquire Hong Kong owned Sincere Watch for $84.5 million

What Made Supreme Worth $2.1 Billion

Nov 13, 2020 / Fashion

Why did VF buy Supreme for $2.1 billion? Can they recoup their mega-acquisition costs amidst a chaotic retail environment? Just what makes Supreme one of the most successful fashion brands even during a pandemic induced retail apocalypse?

The Race of a Lifetime

Nov 04, 2020 / Collectibles

The Carrera is perhaps the most famous reference ever made in watch history- a chronograph that stands the test of time, connecting TAG Heuer’s past, present and future.

Sustainability: Gucci and The RealReal

Oct 30, 2020 / Fashion

The resale market is currently valued at $28 billion is expected to hit $64 billion by 2025 and now Gucci has gotten in on the action with The RealReal. Question is – Does this affect the lustre of the premium luxury goods industry?

New Deal: Tiffany Board Approves

Oct 29, 2020 / Business of Luxury

LVMH pulled out of a Tiffany takeover and embarked on a counter-suit and while it looked like Wall Street thought that the U.S. jeweller will do just fine by itself, LUXUO argued that the deal was a win-win. Reuters just reported that the deal could be back on

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