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Revolutionary: Veronica Chou's Everybody & Everyone

Dec 30, 2019 / Fashion

LUXUO has previously reported that sustainability in fashion might be a fallacy and business woman Veronica Chou, daughter of the textile tycoon Silas Chou might have just proven that her brand might actually be truly eco-friendly

On Sale: Tommy Hilfiger's Former Mansion

Aug 06, 2018 / Homes

The Appleyard Estate spans 9,733 sqft and sits on 4.6 acres of land, complete with a pool, spa, movie theatre, and music studio.

New York Fashion Week 2016: 4 Highlights

Sep 13, 2016 / Fashion

From a real time runway to instantly available fashion, designers are looking for new ways to meet the demands of customers.

3 Changes For New York Fashion Week

Sep 06, 2016 / Fashion

With fashion week set to kick off later soon, we take a look at three major changes that will be sweeping New York.

4 Fashion Collaborations For Fall 2016

Sep 02, 2016 / Fashion

The new season is set to bring not only enjoyable weather but also highly anticipated collaborations that may soon be wardrobe staples.

Fendi Turns 90 with Fourrure Show

Apr 13, 2016 / Fashion

Not many can celebrate their birthday with a fashion show but Fendi certainly can.

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