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Swimming Pool Design Trends 2017

Jun 10, 2017 / Interiors & Decor

Fancy jazzing up the boring pool in your backyard? Take a look at some of the current tricks up pool designers’ sleeves

Indulge in These: 5 Luxury Residences for Summer

Jun 26, 2016 / Travel

These dream addresses could be yours – well, at least for a few days.

Suspended ‘sky pool’ coming to London

Aug 20, 2015 / Homes

A glass sky pool is planned to be suspended between apartment blocks in London’s new Nine Elms quarter, close to Battersea Power Station.

Top 10 Vacation rentals with the best infinity pools

Oct 22, 2014 / Travel

Online travel review site TripAdvisor has curated a list of vacation rental sites from around the world that come with their own infinity pools.

The Shard opens Western Europe’s highest pool

Aug 22, 2014 / Hotels

The indoor infinity “Skypool” at the building’s Shangri-La Hotel sits on the 52nd floor and features views of some of the capital’s most iconic sites.

Pool of the day: making a splash in Vietnam

Aug 21, 2014 / Hotels

Today we’re dreaming of this incredible resort and its contemporary infinity pool in Vietnam.

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