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Big Data meets Watch Commerce

Jan 31, 2020 / Business of Luxury

The pre-owned watch market is a fast growing segment which groups like Richemont are now starting to deal with but one platform has grown beyond mere sales of watches, providing valuable data and brand insight on some of the world’s most popular models

Chinese Kids Want to be Astronauts. US Kids Don't.

Jul 24, 2019 / World of Watches (WOW)

With more pressing Earth-bound concerns and changing perceptions of what entails a truly reputable career, the Omega Speedmaster has been doing a greater job at promoting space exploration than NASA’s Apollo program

50th Anniversary Moonwatch celebrates Moon Landing

May 22, 2019 / World of Watches (WOW)

The new Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo 11 50th anniversary Limited Edition commemorates humanity’s first steps on the moon in 1969 with an all new 3861 manual winding calibre with hack seconds.

Omega Celebrates Golden Anniversary of Moon Landing

Mar 14, 2019 / World of Watches (WOW)

True to the historic gold BA145.022, the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Limited Edition comes with a burgundy bezel ring, a new tarnish-resistant 18k Moonshine gold alloy and master chronometer calibre 3861

Growing Speedmaster Mania

Dec 19, 2018 / World of Watches (WOW)

#SpeedyTuesday and rising auction values will continue to be place tailwinds for Omega Speedmaster auction values for the years to come.

First Man, First Watch

Oct 21, 2018 / World of Watches (WOW)

Whether first man or first watch on the moon, faster, better, stronger is truly the story of Omega Watches. – provenance that money can’t buy.

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