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Most pets get an annual holiday too!

May 09, 2010 / Travel

Most pet owner take their pets on holiday more than once a year, according to a new survey released May 4 — although it means that they stay closer to home. Pet travel specialist surveyed 6,000 pet owners around the world and discovered that 61 percent of pet owners take their pet further than […]

Beckham’s bulldog has luxurious flight to LA

Jan 18, 2010 / Travel

According to The Daily Mail, David Beckham has allegedly spent £2,000 ($3,300) flying his pet bulldog puppy to Los Angeles. The British Bulldog puppy was a gift from Victoria and was put on a plane – first-class of course – and flown out to their LA home by a specialist service. The Beckham’s used the […]

Pets now have their own airline

Apr 21, 2009 / Travel

Pet Airways is a new airline launching in May that will fly pets in the main cabin from LA to America’s east coast. “Pawsengers” will be riding in style in their own pet carriers in the planes’ climate-controlled cabins. That means no more cargo. Each flight has a pet attendant on board at all times, […]

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