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Montblanc Augmented Paper: Ode to

Sep 04, 2016 / Gadgets

Handwriting is much loved at the German firm Montblanc but it is out of step with the times. This augmented notebook and pen set will change that.

Moleskine Offers Higher End Leather Bags

Nov 23, 2015 / Fashion

Moleskine, the company famous for its stylish notebook collections, is set to launch a line of high-end leather bags.

Coca-Cola bottle’s 100th Anniversary on Moleskine

Sep 22, 2015 / Collectibles

Moleskine is celebrating the 100th anniversary of Coca-Cola’s glass contour bottle with a notebook collection inspired by its curves.

Asus x Bang & Olufsen

Jan 19, 2010 / Gadgets

Asus has teamed with electronics maker Bang & Olufsen to create a multimedia system with some pretty unique features. ASUS NX90 Bang & Olufsen laptop is designed by award winning B&O Chief designer David Lewis. While at first it looks like a mounted LCD or plasma TV, this is in fact an 18.4-in display notebook […]

Fashion Notes, luxury notebook

Apr 07, 2009 / Gadgets

Ergo Italy has launched a new sparkling notebook line, called Fashion Notes. This luxury notebook is handcrafted and encrusted with 1.444 Swarovski crystals. Designed by Sbranchio, an extravagant Italian artist, Fashion notes combines creativity and high-tech features. It is smaller than the standard A4 notebook, approximately 22 x 17 cm, and it features a 1.6 […]

Notebook Estari Canova dual-head

Feb 16, 2009 / Gadgets

A revolutionary dual screen LCD laptop from Italian design studio V12 could actually be produced by the American firm Estari. Notebook Estari Canova dual-head, this is the complete name, is a very cool concept, because it can be at the same time Tablet PC, e-book reader, workstation, music mixer and the list could go on. Canova […]

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