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Rugged Refinement: The New Evoque

Oct 22, 2019 / Cars and Bikes

An all new platform and wheelbase, the new Range Rover Evoque enjoys better handling, driving characteristics, and crash safety backed by the latest tech.

Cocktail Bars to Check Out

Jun 21, 2019 / Alcohol

Our colleagues at Men’s Folio have some of recommendations that will help to mellow down the hustle of the week

Men's Folio's 20th Birthday sets tone for SRV 2017

Oct 06, 2017 / Events

Set amidst the backdrop of shimmering twilight waters under a bed of stars, Men’s Folio’s 20th Anniversary Party was a prelude to the festivities, merriment and insouciant elegance of super cars, super yachts, classic cars and other high end luxuries known collectively as Singapore Rendezvous 2017. With uptempo beats provided by DJ Eden, coincidentally, one […]

MEN’S FOLIO: Ambitious October Issue

Oct 10, 2016 / Fashion

MEN’S FOLIO celebrates 19 years in the industry with its brand new October issue.

Moncler Lunettes Shades

Sep 23, 2016 / Fashion

Moncler presents its new sunglasses called the Moncler Lunettes and Men’s Folio finds out more.

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