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The Unexpected (Serious) Watchmaker

Nov 15, 2018 / World of Watches (WOW)

The Monsieur de Chanel surprised the world with Chanel’s first in-house Calibre 1. Anyone can be a one-hit wonder but when the Maison won a GPHG with its Calibre 3. Perhaps, it’s not just luck anymore.

Americas Exclusive RM 12-01

Oct 01, 2018 / World of Watches (WOW)

The new Richard Mille RM 12-01 Tourbillon exclusive Americas boutiques edition, takes a leaf from GPHG award winning RM 012 architecture

2 Montblanc Watches are GPHG Finalists

Sep 04, 2017 / World of Watches (WOW)

Montblanc just found two limited edition chronographs nominated as GPHG finalists

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