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SMEG x Fiat 500 mini fridge

Jun 12, 2013 / Gadgets

The SMEG 500 is a chilling, retro design collaboration between Italy’s Fiat and appliance manufacturer, SMEG.

La Glaciere Luxury Refrigerator

Jul 30, 2008 / Interiors & Decor

Built from the finest materials with meticulous attention to detail, La Glaciere antique refrigerator is the Rolls-Royce of refrigeration. La Glaciere has been exquisitely crafted with a fully pegged solid French Oak casing that is decorated with solid brass fittings and embellished with your name on the solid brass plate. Key features also include polished […]

Swarovski Coated LG Fridges

Jun 25, 2008 / Gadgets

Lately, LG has launched this Swarovski crystals encrusted fridge into the market in a limited run of 200 units, released in the Taiwan market only. LG have brought home with its R-U719GWN three door fridge. It looks like an ordinary fridge with its usual high tech features such as an ice-maker and LCD panel, but […]

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