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Latest must-have home decoration: Dinosaur Skeletons

Apr 17, 2018 / Interiors & Decor

Dinosaur skeletons are gracing collectors’ cabinets, with two huge dinosaur skeletons,  an allosaurus and a diplodocus, go up for auction in Paris this week. “The fossil market is no longer just for scientists,” said Iacopo Briano of Binoche et Giquello, the auction house for the two dinosaurs. The Italian expert claims that they have became “real […]

Karl Lagerfeld’s Launching a Watch Line with Fossil

Nov 07, 2012 / World of Watches (WOW)

Fossil, announced a strategic partnership with Karl Lagerfeld to design, develop, and distribute a line of men’s and women’s timepieces.

Iridescent Ammonite Fossil

Apr 07, 2009 / Auctions

Christie’s is offering a rare, 100-million-year-old petrified shell of an extinct Canadian marine creature. This fossilized ammonite is expected to fetch $70,000 at an auction next week in France. The fossil has naturally occurring iridescent colors created when the original shell substance turned into a mineral called aragonite.

50 million years of history in your home with Antolini

Feb 20, 2009 / Interiors & Decor

Antolini, Italian company leader in natural stone and famous worldwide for the high standard of the stone craftworks, has presented at Sega di Cavaion, its headquarters, a new exclusive material as a key piece to accentuate a unique home. Fabulous and original, Antolini have created a stone panel that is as innovative as it is […]

Buy your own Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton

Jul 23, 2008 / Gadgets

Have you ever wanted a full-size Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton for your own? Jurassic park is your favourite movie ever and you have 40 feet available in your studio ? Then the Tyrannosaurus rex fossil replica is for you. Made to order, the replicas are 40′ long and 12′ high at the hip. The position can […]

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