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Geneva Motor Show 2017: Ford unveils limited edition Ford GT supercar and next generation Fiesta ST

Mar 11, 2017 / Cars and Bikes

At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, Ford delivers a truckload of new models but we check out two that caught our attention

New 2017 Ford GT: The highly-anticipated supercar has rolled off production line in Canada

Dec 20, 2016 / Cars and Bikes

The first road-going Ford GT is finally making its way to customers from Ontario, Canada. Here’s what you need to know about the new supercar – from price and specifications to photos

Top 5 American Supercar Superstars

Sep 22, 2016 / Cars and Bikes

American automakers have indeed made valuable contributions to the world of supercars, as the news of the Saleen S7 going back into production reminds us.

Thousands Apply Online for Ford GT Supercar

May 15, 2016 / Cars and Bikes

The Ford Motor Company tapped into the appeal of its GT model online to both reward its loyal fans and to create invaluable buzz.

Shelby American Celebrates 50 Years of GT40

Feb 03, 2016 / Cars and Bikes

Shelby American celebrates the success of the Ford GT40 with a limited edition continuation of the historic model.

6 Supercars We Can’t Wait to See in 2016

Dec 14, 2015 / Cars and Bikes

Here are the six supercars we can’t wait to cover next year. From Aston Martin to Lamborghini, 2016 promises to be a bumper year.

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