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Italian Court Rules Ferrari 250 GTO a "Work of Art"

Jun 28, 2019 / Cars and Bikes

After years of unauthorised replication of the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO, an Italian court in Bologna has finally ruled it a “work of art”, making it illegal to reproduce

On Your Mark: The Ultimate 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

Jun 27, 2018 / Cars and Bikes

For a car that holds up to such an incredible track success and cementing what would become the GTO legend and legacy as known today, opportunities to own one are few and far between.

Ten Most Expensive Cars that Auctioned

Jun 08, 2018 / Cars and Bikes

Classic cars are absolutely timeless, here we have ten of the most expensive ones ever sold at auctions.

This 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO Sells for a whopping $80 million

Jun 07, 2018 / Cars and Bikes

The famed classic that won the 1964 famed Tour de France race, this incredibly rare Ferrari has broken the record as the highest dealt car in a private sale.

Top 5 most expensive Ferrari cars ever sold at auction

Sep 20, 2017 / Cars and Bikes

Fresh from LaFerrari Aperta’s new record as the most expensive modern car to be auctioned off, we revisit other Prancing Horses that have made history — from the 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB/C to the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO.

Ferrari Turns 70!

Mar 14, 2017 / Cars and Bikes

After 70 years of supercar manufacturing and dominating the tracks, Ferrari curates a workshop of bespoke cars—inspired by 70 of their past models.

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