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Best Luxurious Bars to Visit in the World

Apr 04, 2018 / Gastronomy

Be inspired by the world’s most luxurious bars from London and New York to Melbourne and Maldives. The specially curated concoctions might strike a chord with your tastebud and leave you breathless.

First International PDT Bar Opens in Hong Kong

Feb 06, 2018 / Gastronomy

Over the last decade, PDT has collected a slew of lofty accolades including Outstanding Bar Programme, World’s Best Cocktail Bar. And now, PDT has made its way to Hong Kong. Find out more.

Hidden Bars in Singapore Worth Seeking Out

Mar 19, 2017 / Alcohol

Ignite the adventurous flame in you and go on a hunt for some of Singapore’s most unique drinking dens. From password-protected doors to underground lairs, we bring you a list of speakeasies

First Female Bartender Named World’s Best

Oct 01, 2016 / Alcohol

A bartender from Paris has become the first female to claim the lofty title of “World’s Best Bartender” at a major competition in Miami.

Asia’s Top Bar is in Singapore…

Apr 02, 2016 / Alcohol

The new bar capital of Asia is Singapore, according to a new ranking of the region’s top watering holes. The best one just has an address for a name.

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