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‘Breaking Boundaries’ – ART REPUBLIK 19 Celebrates the Pioneering Spirit

Jun 19, 2018 / Art Republik

ART REPUBLIK 19 presents a series of visionary individuals and groups in the art world

Chain of Custody: Blockchain Technology in the Art Industry

Jun 18, 2018 / Art Republik

Unveiling the interface between blockchain technology and art

Artprice releases its 2017 Global Art Market Annual Report

Mar 02, 2018 / Art Republik

Artprice ranks the China art market at number one

Market for Vietnamese art on the rise

Jun 09, 2017 / Art Republik

Artworks by these pioneer graduates of Victor Tardieu’s École des Beaux-Arts de l’Indochine, a French-established art college in Hanoi, make up the core of the market for Vietnamese art

Slump in Chinese Art Sales Reported

Mar 30, 2016 / Art Republik

Claims of a sharp drop in the auction performance of contemporary Chinese artists are met with indignation and indifference.

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