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Fabulously Pre-Fabricated

Feb 15, 2020 / Luxury Homes

An industry projected to reach $157 billion by 2023, prefabricated modular homes are being spurred by adventure tourism demand and glamping

The Enduring Beauty of Exotic Namibia

Oct 04, 2019 / Travel

andBeyond is a luxury experiential travel company that tailor-makes exclusive tours and its Sossusvlei Desert Lodge allows you to experience a 55 million years old desert in opulent style

The Ultimate Navy SEAL Experience

Oct 01, 2019 / Travel

Tactical shooting, skydiving, helicopter jumps with diving, you no longer have to watch Navy SEAL adventures on-screen, for $15,000 you can experience the ultimate tourist adventure for yourself

Stay at the North Pole for $100,000

Sep 18, 2019 /

Adventure tourism are enjoying exponential growth rates thanks to high net worth individuals willing to pay for experiential luxuries which by virtue of cost, eliminate most of the mass market tourists

Australia's First Underwater Hotel

Sep 06, 2019 / Hotels

Growing demand for adventure tourism has prompted the Australian government to build the country’s first underwater hotel.

Holiday in the Clouds

Sep 04, 2019 / Hotels

Nestled on the peaks of Mountains in China’s Hunan province, the Pingjiang Homey Wild Luxury Hotel is emblematic of growing trend of adventure tourism

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