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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Elegant US$50M Bel-Air Estate

Mar 23, 2022 / Homes

Superstar J.Lo and Ben Affleck seal their relationship reunion with a spectacular 20,000 sqft Bel-Air home. Take a look inside the glamorous couple’s regal estate.

"The One" Mansion in Bel-Air For Sale At US$295 Million

Dec 30, 2021 / Homes

After being embroiled in legal issues and defaulting on loans, “The One” in Bel-Air is back on the market.

“The One” Mansion Forced into Foreclosure Sale

Sep 17, 2021 / Homes

“The One” has been forced into a foreclosure sale after the mansion’s owner had defaulted on millions in loans and debt.

Unsold: Epic Bel Air Mansions Struggle

Jun 10, 2019 / Homes

Mega Bel-Air mansions gained massive media attention for their glamorous, high luxury amenities in the early 2010s but now, they’re catching attention for other reasons.

$32 Million Modern Los Angeles 'Upside Down House'

May 17, 2019 / Homes

This is what $32,000,000 property looks like in Los Angeles, designed by Noah Walker and surrounded by 100 over oak trees

$245M Mansion Is The Most Expensive Listing in US

Oct 31, 2018 / Homes

The Bel Air estate that belongs to billionaire and philanthropist Jerrold Perenchio is charting its next course in the market.

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