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Infographic: 100 Interesting Facts From Around The World

In celebration of Etihad Airways’ new 100th aircraft, the airline has compiled an infographic of 100 interesting facts from around the world.

Aug 09, 2014 | By AFPRelaxnews

Etihad welcomes 100th aircraft

Last week,  celebrated a milestone when it took delivery of its 100th and 101st aircraft on the same day.

The new Airbus A321-231 and the Airbus A320-200 marked the airline’s place in commercial aviation history as the fasted growing airline.

To celebrate launching its 100th aircraft, the airline released 100 fun facts to highlight the amazing destinations that are available through Etihad.


Los Angeles moves about a quarter of an inch to the east every year
Montana has three times as many cows as it does people
There are almost 19,000 restaurants in Manhattan (enough for a diner to eat at a different address every day for 52 years).


Bangkok is sinking at a rate of 2 to 5 cm a year
Bangkok is the world’s most visited city
Bangkok is also the world’s hottest city


More than 300 kinds of cheeses are made in France
There are about 40,000 castles, manors and palaces across the country
Paris has about 8,000 cafes with outdoor seating


The country consists of more than 6,800 islands
Japan has more than 50,000 centenarians
About 90% of mobile phones are waterproof, because youngsters use them even in the shower


Italy has more hotel rooms than any other country in Europe, with more than 33,557 hotels in all
The country has more than 500 types of pasta
The Trevi Fountain in Rome is a treasure trove: every day, visitors throw $4,071 into the fountain — or $1.5 million a year

100 facts from around the world

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