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Cybersecurity: The Risk of the Next Generation Technologies

Analyzing the previous years, we can definitely point out that it is not something that the world has succeeded in yet.

Sep 21, 2018 | By LUXUO

Cybersecurity is among those challenges that confront the world. Thinking about the future ahead, we should recognize it has already become the digital world. The number of technologies we use now and the importance they have in our day-to-day lives has never been so high. Bringing technologies into the world, we have to take care of the challenges that exist with them. Cybersecurity can’t be neglected. Analyzing the previous years, we can definitely point out that it is not something that the world has succeeded in yet.

The problem with cybersecurity is that a threat can’t be identified fully. Thus, you can’t be sure whether it is the inside or the outside threat that is the major danger for the system. If the threat can’t be 100% identified, it has to be 100% prevented. Is it really possible even at a minor level, if not talking about businesses and governments, but about the main audience, the main part of a digital world – average Internet users? Can you do something to stay safe online? Technically, yes. Have you ever heard of a VPN? Not likely. It is not only about streaming Netflix as it is described at or about getting access to the content you’ve never had access to before, but about data protection.

VPN: Cybersecurity Awareness in the Digital World

If you’re looking for the trendiest cybersecurity software to keep your data safe in the rapidly developing world of technologies, don’t do that. Despite the fact that we live in the world of mobile and cloud computing when remote servers are used to manage and store the data, we have yet to create something powerful enough to keep that data absolutely safe on the Internet. Right now, there is no better technology than a VPN, at least for the average Internet users who are always the most vulnerable target from a cybersecurity perspective.

For the millennials, the mobile devices are the opportunities, education, entertainment, hashtags, social media, online gaming, tweets, shares, likes, banking, shopping, etc. The Internet has become the place of opportunities, even despite the risks it poses for the devices. But enjoying the opportunities it brings isn’t complete without protecting what you already have. Keeping your data safe online is important even if you don’t use the Internet from a financial perspective.

The fact that you don’t run a business online or don’t pay bills with your smartphone doesn’t make a VPN less important for you. Especially when the tendencies are more into the future of VR and AR. Of course, VPN is no panacea, but it is definitely something that can keep your data safe online.

A VPN stands for a virtual private network. This is a software, which provides a separate network for each person individually. It is a tool that creates your own tunnel inside the already existing network for an extra level of security. A VPN is usually described as an invisible tunnel, through which your data goes when allowing your device to connect to the Internet. Thus, it is not a direct connection between your computer devices and the Internet. There is also a VPN in this chain, which is like a middleman, that represents your devices.

A VPN has three main functions:

  • Data security (the encryption technology is used);
  • Online anonymity;
  • Providing access to previously restricted content.

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