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Caddisfly Cocoons

Hubert Duprat and the Caddisfly Larvae Create Gold Aquatic Cocoons

Aug 06, 2014 | By Staff Writer

These small precious works of art is a result of a unique collaboration between French artist Hubert Duprat and nature’s own artist the Caddisfly larvae. 

Duprat was inspired by his passion for nature since his childhood and retained knowledge of the ways of the Caddisfly larvae. The larvae would form cocoon-like cases underwater to protect themselves during the period of transformation. They would use any material around them- gravel, stones, and shells- to build their protective cases. After they grow wings, they break out and leave behind a snug little case.

Duprat took this opportunity to experiment with the larvae, and new materials like small gold rods, beads and pearls. He deprived the larvae with the natural objects and replaced them with these new elements. The larvae adapted to the new environment and bound the precious bits together with silk they produced. Duprat saved the uninhabited cases and exhibited each one. (Via Artrebels)


Caddisfly Cocoons 1

Caddisfly Cocoons 2

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