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New superyachts in Asia: 5-decker SanLorenzo 46 Steel docks in Asia

Grace, power and all around good looks characterise the Sanlorenzo 46 Steel that has made its way to Asia

Apr 10, 2017 | By Yacht Style

SanLorenzo doesn’t consider their beautiful creations as Superyachts unless they have to count their length in metres. The superyacht family starts at 120 feet, and the 46 metre SL46 Steel is 150 feet overall. A sharply cut-back bow and a semi-wide hull at 30 feet maximum beam disguises the fact that there is a fifth (below-lower) deck below the water line, the floor of the engine, purifiers and steering gear rooms, and that essential thing on long voyages, the laundry.

Both the crew (who have nine berths between them) and the eight guests have cabins on the Lower Deck, the guests in two doubles and two twins, all with the benefit of full-size bathrooms as heads. The guest cabins are just forward of the upper part of the engine room, where the twin 2,040 hp CAT diesels live, separated by double bulkheads and the heads themselves. Forward of the guest cabins and reaching to the forepeak are the crew berths. Four double-bunked rooms each with its own head. The crew mess is in here too, with its own companionway to the main deck.

The lower deck continues right aft, with its own cockpit and opening transom and enclosed gym. This space becomes the exercise space, beach and swim centre when the boat is stationary. The main toy garage is just forward, opening through the starboard side. There are another two on the upper deck above the crew cabins right forward.

The main deck comprises another large three-quarter-shaded cockpit and a wide saloon, by-passed by side-decks that connect eventually to crew access points and companionways to higher and lower decks. Forward of the saloon is the galley, about 200 square feet of it, placed within steps of both crew and guest companionways.

Forward of the galley, the main deck continues with the Master cabin, a full-width room with a huge bathroom that even runs to a bath. Beyond this in the bow, but only reachable from above, the two storage areas for more toys: a couple of ribs and a jet ski, to complement the huge rib stored athwart the stern on the deck below in the main garage.

The upper deck has yet another cockpit, the largest yet, leading through semi-circular doors into a huge circular dining room, dominated by a much-too-large circular dining table that extends into the rectangular lounge area just beyond. Forward of this is the bridge and the Captain’s Quarters, the fore-deck sunning area and the access down to the bow and the toy rooms.

Topping this extravaganza is the upper deck, more of a flybridge except that there is no upper helm position. This is mostly shaded, and given over to sun-worshipping with loungers, seats and a dining space. There’s also a jet-spa with attached loungers, in case you need someone to splash while you let the power jets massage away the cares of being a guest on a boat so large that hide and seek is a positively challenging game.

With a full complement of crew, (and a boat this large needs a minimum number of highly-qualified officers and seamen in addition to the stewarding staff), and the full complement of guests, there are up to 19 people on board, some of whom will be off-duty some of the time. With four couples on board as guests and four decks to choose from, it isn’t hard to find somewhere private if you just want to switch off and read a book, at least half a deck’s worth of privacy, without having to hide in your cabin.

For more information, visit SanLorenzo and Simpson Marine.

This article was first published in Yacht Style 37.

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