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Super Bowl 2014: Top car commercials

Here are the best car commercials from this year’s SuperBowl!

Feb 04, 2014 | By Anakin

Here are the best car commercials from this year’s SuperBowl!

Kia K900 Morpheus Super Bowl commercial


Promoting Kia’s first rear-wheel drive luxury sedan in a Super Bowl commercial, Laurence Fishburne reprises his role in the Matrix trilogy.

An unsuspecting couple meets Morpheus at a valet stand. He presents them with two choices: a red key or a blue key. Should they choose wisely, they’ll never look at luxury—or Kia—the same again.


For 2014, Audi’s promotion of its anticipated A3 line has resulted in the conception of a “Doberhuahua” to illustrate how their car captures sport, luxury and design without compromise.


“Beasts of the Southern Wild” star and Oscar-nominated child actor, Quvenzhane Wallis, takes the lead role in this commercial for the new, more affordable Maserati Ghibli sedan.


It pays to be mean, at least when you’re behind the wheel of the Jaguar F-Type sports car. Sir Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong, and Tom Hiddleston starred in this dramatic tribute to the charms of the British bad guy.


Bruce Willis asks people to hug someone that matters to them to illustrate that, for Honda, safety is very real and very important.


The Official Chrysler 200 Super Bowl Commercial featuring Bob Dylan.


Room for a whole flock of chickens, Terry Crews, a grand piano and the Muppets, but no room for boring. Sing along and see the all-new Toyota Highlander in the roomiest Big Game Ad of all time!


In the 2014 Game Day commercial from Volkswagen, watch as a father tells his daughter that every time a Volkswagen hits 100,000 miles, a German Engineer gets his wings.


Comedian Rob Riggle demonstrates what #NearlyDouble actually means in the Big Game commercial from Ford. But why does Rob look so much like… James Franco?


This 2014 Chevy Super Bowl commercial is the story about the new bachelor in town.

A Silverado pick-up truck is the mode of transportation in this commercial. However, the truly moving part of this ad was its touching celebration of cancer survivors.



This Jeep Super Bowl spot makes you want to go hiking, skydiving, or simply get away from it all – in a Jeep Cherokee sport-utility, of course. Jeep wants its customers to stay restless, as seen in this big game commercial.

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