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The Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe is here

Mercedes-Benz revealed its 2015 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe, the successor to the automaker’s long-standing CL65 AMG.

Jul 22, 2014 | By AFPRelaxnews

Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe Front

Mercedes has revealed the new version of its S-Class Coupe, the S65 AMG.

Thanks to its twin turbo V12 engine with 630hp, combined with a Speedshift seven-speed automatic transmission, the new coupe can go from 0 to 100km/h in 4.1 seconds. Its top speed is electronically limited at 250km/h.

In terms of efficiency, the  S65 AMG Coupe consumes 23.7 liters of fuel per 100km, which translates into CO2 emissions of 279g/km.

Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe

The S65 AMG Coupe offers a wealth of driver assistance features under the heading of the Intelligent Drive system.

This suite of technologies includes everything from night vision assistance to Bas Plus assisted emergency braking and driver fatigue alerts.

The car is also equipped with systems designed to avoid accidents, detect pedestrians and alert the driver in the case of lane departure.

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe interior

Perhaps the most impressive technology on the new coupe, however, is Magic Body Control, an active suspension system that actually detects road conditions and adapts the suspension configuration accordingly.

The car is even capable of leaning into the curves of the road to reduce the effects of transversal acceleration on the passengers.

Activated at speeds of between 30 and 180km/h, the technology is designed to contribute both to the comfort and safety of the vehicle’s passengers.

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe back

Other updates on the S65 AMG Coupe include its new 20-inch wheels. The interior includes heated and ventilated seats in Napa leather, as well as a head-up display for the driver’s convenience.

The first models are expected to ship in September 2014. Prices for the German market will start at €244,000.

2015 Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe

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