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Citroën unveils Divine DS concept car [VIDEO]

The latest concept from Citroen’s DS sub-brand has 270bhp and an interior featuring silk, beads and crystals.

Sep 17, 2014 | By Anakin

Citroen has confirmed that the DS badge, attached to the nose of 500,000 Citroens since 2010, will now be reborn as its own separate brand.

Unveiling the Divine DS concept, the new car is the first from the new division and created to represent the brand’s future.


Citroen Divine DS concept

The cabin features three interchangeable interior ambiences, each with its own unique style, that can be changed in just 15 minutes.

The three very different interior ambiances are called “Mâle” (French for male), “Parisienne Chic” and “Fatale Punk.”

 luxurious cabin

The 4-door car is 1.98m wide, 4.21 m long, and it has a height of 1.35m and 20 inch wheels making the car more compact.

Citroen Divine DS concept

Divine DS has a metal gray color with subtle shimmer made by Swarovski to highlights the lines, and the roof of the car resembles the scale of a reptile, according to the company.

Citroen Divine DS concept interior

On the interior the cabin features a 10.4 inch HD touch multifunctional screen, which is capable of replacing the rearview mirror and it provides 3D readout to help the driver with navigational information.

 luxurious cabin

The car is powered by turbocharged direct-injection 1.6 THP petrol engine capable of producing 270 horsepower and pumping 330 Nm of torque.

Citroen Divine DS concept interior

The Divine DS was created in collaboration with Parisian workshop Maison Lesage for the embroidery and with Swarovski for the crystal decorations.

Citroen Divine DS concept back

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