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Cadillac Launches V-Performance Academy

Cadillac wants to make sure you can handle your brand new, ferociously-tuned V-Series cars via this two-day intensive course.

Sep 08, 2016 | By Shatricia Nair

If you’re getting yourself a V-Series Cadillac, chances are you’re going to want to learn how to drive it – properly. Yes, all cars require more than a basic driving license if you really care about getting the best driving experience possible. If you agree with that sentiment, you’re in luck because the American automaker has begun offering a two-day track school for customers of the aggressively sporty ATS-V and CTS-V at the new V-Performance Academy.

Located permanently at the Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club in Pahrump, Nevada, entrance is completely free-of-charge, and the proud owners of 2017 model year Cadillacs will enjoy admission priority. A single-day V-Performance Lab program will also be available across other racetracks in the country, such as Lime Rock Park and Circuit of the Americas, though it will be far less intensive.

“Cadillac is a brand for passionate people, by passionate people,” said Nathan Tan, associate director of Brand Partnerships and Experiences for Cadillac. “V-Series customers are in many ways nearest the core of the Cadillac brand, and we are proud to offer this valuable training with our thrilling products.”

In the meantime, here’s what you can expect from Cadillac’s V-Series:

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