Naomi Campbell Gets an Island Vacation Home for Her 41st Birthday

Russian billionaire boyfriend Vladislav Doronin spoils supermodel Naomi Campbell with an island vacation home for her 41st birthday, shaped like the Egyptian Eye of Horus. This self-sustaining master-piece created by Architect Luis de Garrido, is on no other location than Isla Playa de Cleopatra, in Turkey’s Gulf of Gökova.

Dec 04, 2018 | By Anastazia Prahin

Naomi Campbell’s billionaire boyfriend re-defined what it means to protect. Incorporating the ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health to be the literal resting place his love can call home. Enchanting as the design is, the glass-domed house is also completely energy and water self-sufficient, featuring an amazing indoor landscape terrance and has no less than 25 bedrooms and five lounges.

A Billionaire’s Gift

Spanish Architect Luis de Garrido, who specializes in sustainable building, designed Eco-House Horus to be completely energy, water, and food self-sufficient. As with his other projects, he relied on careful bioclimatic design to solve efficiency challenges.

The multi-level central dome is framed with steel and clad in glazed glass panels that permit sunlight all year round. Although the greenhouse effect promotes natural heating, certain measures – such as landscaping and tilted louvers – ensure that the heat is bearable during the summer time. It will also have plenty of ventilation.

Combined with the photovoltaic panels that make up the property’s Eye of Horus shape, a state-of-the-art geothermal system provides all of the energy this 25 bedroom home could possibly need. Rainwater is harvested, and an on-site biological system treats wastewater. Inside, the house is a landscaped terrace, from which it is possible to take in the incredible views.

“if you want to impress me, don’t play it safe”

According to legend, Antony and Cleopatra swam in these beaches and laid on these shores. With the sands even being brought by ships from North Africa. This famous beach completely comprises of seashells and sand, where every grain is perfectly sphere. Legend has it, that organic sand was brought by ships from the Red Sea especially for Cleopatra, with this type of sand only being found in Egypt.

Luis de Garrido’s concept house is a romantic dream: it has a comfortable microclimate, with its constant flow of air, light and heat. While Naomi Campbell’s partner, Vladislav Doronin’s choice of location, is grandly amorous.

Much like the tale of Cleopatra and Anthony, Naomi and Vlad is a relationship between two powerful people. Yet unlike, the lovers who died together to stay together. Naomi and Vlad ended their 5-year relationship. Some say their relationship was like a business arrangement,”Naomi brought glamour to his hotels and properties, and he treated her extremely well. But their break-up isn’t without tragedy, when they officially broke up, the models Naomi had once introduced to the world, now set their eyes on Vlad. Rest assured though, the house is still hers, if only to remain a worthwhile piece of commission.

The last time Naomi and mogul Vladimir were pictured together was on Miami Beach.

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