The Daily Mail Designs the Queen’s Next Yacht

Queen of England megayacht

A campaign, in the London Daily Mail, is afoot to build a new megayacht for the Queen of England and the British Royal Family .

Their previous vessel, the 412 ft. Royal Brittania built in 1953, was retired in 1997.

Codenamed FSP21 (Future Ship Project 21st Century), the 515-ft. vessel would be the third largest in the world, after those of Roman Abramovich and the ruler of Dubai.

The yacht, which would have all the latest in technology and a plethora of ultra-luxury offerings, would cost $125 million financed from private and corporate sources.

The proposed craft would be able to carry a helicopter, a miniature submarine, sailboat, two buses, bicycles, and an underwater laboratory to be used by the Royal Navy.

Current design plans have the Windsor’s new vessel as a four masted square-rigged barque with solar capability and an auxiliary diesel electric power plant.

It may all be a newspaper editor’s pipe dream… but you never know! – Via Jameslist