Mont Blanc Gandhi pen causes criticism in India

This week marked the 140th anniversary of the birth of Indian independence pioneer Mahatma Gandhi. And to commemorate a man who chose a life of poverty and shunned material goods, Montblanc has created a limited-edition pen with a price tag of $25,000. Just 241 of the handmade pens will be sold, in reference to the [...]


Dunhill Sentryman Explorer Pen

Dunhill‘s creativity in designing fountain pens for the unusual use describes their limited-edition collection for a long time. Now, they have surpassed themselves with the Sentryman Explorer pen, that was inspired by the needs of South Pole explorers. This pen’s most notable feature is the pressurized refill where its ink is stored, which allows the [...]


Place Vendome Ligne 2 Prestige Lighter

S.T. Dupont, makers of the world’s most expensive lighter, have come out with an equally luxurious lighter inspired by classic Parisian architecture. Christened the Place Vendome limited edition Ligne 2 Prestige, this lighter is made from rose gold lighter and is embellished with 192 diamonds. Defined by its majestic proportions and a strong sense of [...]


Omas Limited Edition Moon Landing Pen

It’s been 40 years now since American space mission Apollo 11 landed on the moon. To commemorate the occasion, Italian pen maker Omas, has launched the “One Small Step” line. The body of the pen is crafted out of white gold and features 3D drawings of the footsteps of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Priced [...]


World’s most expensive pen goes on sale

The world’s most expensive pen has finally gone on sale… for $1,470,000. As we reported in February, the Aurora Diamante contains over 30 carats of De Beers diamonds on a solid platinum barrel. It has a two-tone, rhodium-treated, 18KT solid gold nib and is personalized with a coat of arms, signature or portrait.


Tibaldi For Riva

Italian pen makers Tibaldi have released a collection of pens for the Italian ship yard Riva. The collection marks the first ever collaboration of these two iconic Italian brands: Riva, makers of  luxurious power boats and Tibaldi, Italy’s first fountain pen manufacturer. All Tibaldi for Riva writing instruments are coated in exactly the same paint [...]

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