The Montblanc Johannes Brahms Special Edition

montblanc donation brahms pen

The Montblanc Donation Pen Johannes Brahms honours one of the most important personalities in the history of classical music: Johannes Brahms.

This Special Edition is embellished with filigree designs of the fascinating world of classical music, such as the clip shaped as a tuning fork – the instrument that guides a musician through the maze of music with its pure tone.

The cap and barrel made of black precious resin are decorated with platinum-plated fittings and five lines of a music staff bringing to mind the excitement of symphony scores and orchestras tuning up for a performance.

The harmonic design composition of this Special Edition is completed by Brahms’ signature, elegantly engraved on the cap ring.

The Montblanc Donation Pen Johannes Brahms Special Edition is available as Fountain Pen, Rollerball and Ballpoint Pen in all Montblanc Boutiques.