Walk-In Wine, luxury Cellar Vault

If you’re wealthy enough to have 1500 bottles of good wine lying around, then you probably also have the money to buy this Walk-In Wine Cellar Vault at Bar Cigars & Brew, which provides safe and secure storage of your wine in a computer climate controlled environment.

Featuring a brushed aluminum exterior, the inside can holds approximately 1,500 bottles.

It targets the sophisticated collector without the burdens and complications arising from creating a custom cellar.

The wine vault has a computer panel inventory system to help you keep track of your precious bottle, Wine Mate cooling system for optimal temperature & humidity, redwood racks , decanting table with diamond storage bins, hanging rack for stem wine glasses, and glass windows & door.

Each unit is hand built to order. This huge Walk-In Wine Cellar Vault costs $27,995 and probably about the same again to fill it.