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Drinks to cool off in this warm weather

Apr 16, 2018 / Gastronomy

Watermelons can be hydrating on a hot day, but tucking into a wedge can be messy, LUXUO has a list of cocktails and bars where you can not just feel cool but look cool doing it.

Johnnie Walker The Black Label Rolled Out a New Icon

Feb 28, 2018 / Lifestyle

For the first time in more than a century, Scotch whisky Johnnie Walker Black Label will feature a new icon Jane Walker suits up in her trademark white suit, and black tie

Pharrell Williams x Louis XIII and the Gift of 100 Years

Jan 24, 2018 / Celebrities

Pharrell Williams and Louis XIII join forces to combat climate change in the coolest, most compelling way with his single- 100 Years, released in 2117

La Maison Du Whisky: Whisky Live Singapore 2017

Jan 03, 2018 / Wines and Spirits

Whisky Live Singapore showcased specially curated photos and prints and La Maison Du Whisky’s very own artist collective and the artist seventh series.

Ruinart: A Sparkling Affair

Dec 27, 2017 / Lifestyle

Min-Li Tan stars in her own adventure novella about a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger in the French countryside that leads her to Reims and the heart of Champagne

Be the Hero, Save the Christmas Party

Dec 22, 2017 / Wines and Spirits

We can’t all be Detective John McClane and save a Christmas Party ala Die Hard, but we can still ensure that a gathering stays well libated with these few premium spirits

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