Fendi Casa Wine Cellar

Italian fashion house Fendi came up with this exquisite wine fridge wrapped in soft, beautiful textured leather. Part of the Fendi Casa Real Leather Furniture Collection, these wine fridges come with distinctive crocodile skin patterns and sleek lacquered finish. The wine cellar allows one to store up to 16 bottles in a temperature and humidity [...]

champagne flute

Celebrating the New Year with the latest art of champagne

As popping corks announce the New Year, champagne lovers can expect some radical new trends in the art of savouring a tipple that for centuries has been associated with celebration. The true connoisseur should ditch the traditional long-stemmed flutes and the saucer-shaped coupes and instead start drinking the sparkling white wine from elongated, tulip-shaped glasses, [...]


Paradis horus bottle for hennessy cognac

Italian designer Ferruccio Laviani has designed a bottle for ‘Paradis Horus’, the latest range of Hennessy Cognac. Hennessy ‘Paradis Horus’ is shaped like a flame and draws its inspiration from Horus, the Egyptian god of Sun. The bottle has over-sized stopper which looks like liquid overflowing from the bottle and incorporates a new metallic gold [...]


Ballantine’s Scotch Whiskey Luminescent Label

Battery-powered illuminated liquor bottles are supposed to grab your attention when you’re trying to decide what to order at the bar. That’s why Pernod Ricard-owned blended Scotch whisky brand is launching a bottle that flashes like a graphic equaliser in time to the music. The dark blue bottle was created by London-based packaging agency The [...]


An “Irresistible” bottle of Grand Marnier

France’s Iconic Orange Liqueur Grand Marnier is celebrating this year’s winter holiday season with a playfully red limited edition of its classic Cordon Rouge, named ‘Irresistible’. Adorned with vivid red lacquer, it is the 7th of a series released annually by Grand Marnier since 2003. This year’s theme celebrates a “playfully indulgent” holiday season with [...]


After luxury bags, counterfeit luxury wines

Petrus, Romanee-Conti, Chateau d’Yquem — wines coveted by connoisseurs, and targeted by counterfeiters. According to French wine professionals, a handful of rare and fine wines face the same threat from fraud as luxury handbags and designer sunglasses. Trafficking in fake wine has “always existed a little, but it’s definitely amplified with the rising prices of [...]

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