Dwyane Wade

Basketball star Dwyane Wade launches wine label

Dwyane Wade has become the latest basketball star to parlay his fame into the wine business with his own label, aptly called Wade.

Remy Martin Connected Bottle

Remy Martin to export ‘smart’ cognac to China

Chinese consumers concerned about counterfeit cognac will soon be able to verify the authenticity of a bottle of Remy Martin via their cellphone.

Gik Blue Wine

Spain’s first BLUE wine goes on sale

Meet Gik, an absurdly, cobalt-blue wine made from a blend of red and white grapes, then dyed blue with the addition of anthocyanin.

Champagne Vineyards

Champagne granted world heritage status by Unesco

The historic vineyards, wine cellars and champagne houses were listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO on Saturday.

bordeaux wine

China recognises ‘Bordeaux’

After a four-year struggle, France has convinced China to recognise “Bordeaux” as a brand in a bid to combat counterfeit wines.

Carina Lau

Carina Lau launches online wine, champagne brand

Hong Kong Movie Star Carina Lau (刘嘉玲) is the latest Chinese celebrity to parlay her fame into wine.

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