Ryan McGinness

Hennessy VS Limited Edition by Ryan McGinness [VIDEO]

Hennessy has tapped multi-disciplinary New York artist Ryan McGinness to redesign its label as part of the brand’s 250th anniversary celebrations.

MCIII champagne

The MCIII champagne by Moët & Chandon

The legendary Moët & Chandon has launched a completely new and futuristic-inspired vintage champagne named MCIII.

International Space Station

Can You Really Age Whiskey In Space?

Drinks giant Suntory has sent whisky to the International Space Station to test how zero gravity affects the drink’s “mellowness”.


Italian prosecco overtakes champagne in Britain

Sales of prosecco jumped 72 percent in value in the year to mid-July, reaching £339 million ($532 million), US research company IRI found.

london map cocktails drinki

Get free drinks in London via smartphone app

In London, the sacred happy hour could become obsolete thanks to a smartphone app that allows users to benefit from free cocktails in hip bars.

Richebourg Grand Cru

World’s priciest wine is rare Burgundy at $15,195 a bottle

Richebourg Grand Cru sells at a whopping $15,195 (14,254 euro) a bottle, according to the Wine-Searcher website list of the 50 dearest vintages.

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