The Krug Sharing set

krug Sharing Set

The House of Krug has created The Sharing set; a new gift set designed to enhance and perfect the experience of tasting and sharing Krug champagne.

The elegant set invites Krug lovers to share a glass of Krug Grande Cuvée through two specially designed Riedel glasses, called The Joseph after the visionary founder, Joseph Krug.

The pronounced curves of this glass represent a dazzling demonstration of technical virtuosity. Made from a single piece, the glass is drawn out to form the foot, specially elongated to provide an elegant hand-hold.

It magnifies the incredible bouquet of Krug Champagne, amplifies the facets of its scent and taste, expressing its aromas in all their subtlety.

Its ample shape, enables the bubbles to reach their optimal expression and allows the Champagne to reach the ideal temperature for serving Krug: 9° Centigrade.